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  • Cochine Candle 

Cochine candles are made using the finest essential oils,  eco-friendly cotton wicks and the creamiest botanical wax from renewable resources.  We are dedicated to using this more natural alternative to paraffin wax.  Elegantly packaged in Cochine signature gift boxes, Cochine candles will add style and luxury to any home. With over 50 hours’ burn time, Cochine candles will gently infuse any room to create a delicately evocative and inspiring atmosphere.

  • Unique silver glass gives a beautiful glow when candle is lit and makes a great centerpiece
  • 100% botanical wax gives a clean and even burn
  • 50 hours’ burn time
  • 8oz / 230g

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Cedar & Vietnamese Oud, Juniper & GInger, Agarwood & Amber, Frangipani & Neroli, Tuberose & Wild Fig, Vanille & Tabac Noir, Vietnamese Rose & Delentii, Water Hyacinth & Lime Blossom, White Jasmine & Gardenia


Cochine Saigon

Inspired by the timeless elegance of Saigon, Cochine captures the essence of romantic escapism through its range of luxurious candles, diffusers and fragrances. Created as eau de parfum using the finest essential oils from plants unique to Vietnam, such as Champa Jasmine, Delentii orchid, Agarwood and Water Hyacinth, each fragrance tells its own story. Experienced alone, Cochine fragrances will lift your mood and rejuvenate the small pleasures of daily life. Experienced with others, they will inspire a charming intimacy and captivate with your signature style. All Cochine products are made using the finest essential oils and highest quality ingredients, ethically and sustainably sourced.
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